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His name is Julian Casablancas, and if he weren’t a rock star, he’d be the neighborhood drunk with a heart of gold. Rolling Stone Magazine, November 13, 2003 (via -restricted)

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Break. Food. #viernes #Stretching #friends #class

Break. Food. #viernes #Stretching #friends #class

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Whenever I hear people say that classical music is boring I just want to remind them that Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture called for a cannon to be fired a total of 16 times.


remove cattle from stage

that’s not even the best partimagekey terms include:

  • balance your chair on two legs”
  • "continue swimming motion"
  • "insert peanuts"
  • "play ball!"
  • "release the penguins"
  • "gradually become agitated"
  • "light explosives now….. and…..   ….. now."

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[Some of the] Best of 2013

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which is messier my life or my hair

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This is the only redeemable thing about Twilight was this whole monologue.

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